Namratha only uses reward-based techniques and positive reinforcement so that training sessions are fun and exciting for the pet as well as the pet parents. Services include:

  • Puppy/dog consultation to find a good canine match to your family (BEFORE bringing a dog home)
  • Basic obedience commands such as recall, sit, stay etc
  • Basic behaviour improvement such as toilet training, leash walking
  • Trick training e.g paw, roll over etc
  • Fun games e.g. hide and seek, ‘find it’, DIY agility
  • Behaviour issues such as separation anxiety, fussy eating, jumping, fear and phobias

Cost per session: Rs. 1500 per session (Jan 2019 onwards)

You may also avail any of these packages:

  • 12 session package: Rs. 16,500
  • 16 session package: Rs. 21,000
  • 20 session package: Rs. 25,500

The first session is always in the trainer’s home. Subsequent in-person and/or phone follow-ups are up to the trainer’s discretion.

Dogs of all ages can be trained! I expect pet parents to be actively involved in the training sessions so that they can learn to communicate with their dog better and continue to engage with them in a fun and productive way.

Please text at +91 9871320450 or email to know more.


Photo credit: Vajor


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  1. Garima Shukla says:

    Hi.. i have a SaintBernard 4+ months old.. healthy…. vaccinations almost done ( last 2 left).. he z not getting toilet trained by any means .. we have tried wida trainer for a month too.. but no improvements.. we live in a apartment but we have made enough space for him for his toilet activities.. Though we have tried all means .. he z not learning n now z creating a lot of mess.. What to do??


  2. Garima Shukla says:

    We really need a solution for this.. otherwise it would b difficult for us to keep him whichi dont wanna do.. plz help


    1. namratharao says:

      Hi Garima,

      Please email ( or call me (9871320450) to discuss this further. In the meantime, you might want to check out these simple guidelines on toilet training:



  3. Manjiri says:

    My dog Bruno, have not seen him yet , he is with my son in gaziabad. He got hurt n needs treatment. My son is doing everything for him but can’t manage.
    I want to bring him to pune for the treatment.
    Bringing by air is very costly . By road , train … don’t know how .. my son said , ” I don’t want to give him to any adoption agency, since his leg is not well. We will take care of him ”
    I don’t know what to do . Pl suggest .


    1. namratharao says:

      Hi Manjiri, I would recommend you discuss your options with the vet. They are in the best position to recommend treatment and potential transportation options if needed. If the vet suggests that you absolutely need to transport Bruno to Pune, then I am happy to talk to you more about my experiences (and put you in touch with people) in plane and train. I hope Bruno gets well soon!


  4. Charu Gupta says:

    Hi ,
    need to get my beagle pair , 3months old trainned.

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