Namratha is a certified canine trainer and behaviour consultant, working with dogs professionally since 2013. She has worked with several kinds of dogs – young and old, big and small, friendly and not-so-friendly in India and in the US. Namratha uses reward-based methods and a lot of play, making the training process fun, sustainable and easy for the dog and humans involved! She also works with local NGOs to help in the rehabilitation of dogs. 

Namratha has trained under various internationally accredited trainers including Shirin Merchant, John Rogerson and Michael Shikashio. Her formal training and affiliations are listed below:

Master Course – Aggression in Dogs by Michael Shikashio (2021)

Canine Aggression Course by Shirin Merchant (2019)

Advanced Canine Behaviour and Training Certification Course – 7 day by John Rogerson (2019)

Canine Behaviour Course by Shirin Merchant (2016)

Canine Trainer Course by Shirin Merchant (2013)

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