Oh Poop!

But who can get mad at those big eyes and funny ears?
But who can get mad at those big eyes and funny ears?

Pepper, the InDog rescue, peed and pooped on both the couches, my bed, and my parents’ bed. YIKES!!

Toilet training your pup as soon as he/she is home is absolutely essential! It can save you a lot of trouble. Take that effort in the first few weeks or months to teach your pup where to do his/her job. Warning – it can be hard work!

Be consistent – Use the same word, and take your dog to the same surface/spot

Be patient – Shouting at your dog won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it might make your pup avoid you when he/she needs to go. Only reprimand your pup verbally DURING the act of soiling your home, not after.

Reward your pup when he/she gets it right! Remember to pet and smile before simply throwing a food treat around.

3 Times When You Should Take Your Pup Out:

1. After a nap

2. After a meal/drink

3. After/during play

In case you’re wondering, Pepper improved by leaps and bounds!

Four foster homes later, Pepper has found a great home with another InDog companion, Zorro. Thanks to YODA, and all the Bombay folks for helping to find her a great home 🙂

More pictures coming soon.

(Remember to pick up after your dog!)


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