Poochu – the Merry Cocker

I just want you ❤

Q. Is it wrong for  my dog to jump and lick me when I walk in?
A. It depends completely on you!

Poochu is a happy, energetic cocker spaniel puppy. One of the main concerns was her excessive jumping and face-licking whenever people came home. Her jumping behaviour got a lot of attention by her pet parent and she knew she could get away with it at all times! For a puppy like Poochu, ignoring her jumping and excitable behaviour worked really well! We practiced by going in and out of the

So...this is just for the camera?
So…this is just for the camera?

house – not paying attention when she jumps, and then a lot of attention when she calms down a bit. It worked wonders!

It’s important you have decide on the rule and stick with it. Some things to think about when you make a decision:

– size of your dog
– dog-phobic guests
– children, elderly and injured/disabled people

Also, know that:

  1. Excessive jumping and face licking maybe a symptom of underlying behavioural issues like anxiety
  2. Diseases can be transmitted this way!

Remember, the aim is to reduce jumping, not reduce their excitement at seeing you. Channel their energy by playing a short game of fetch or tug, or get in a quick training exercise. You’re still giving them plenty of attention this way!

Just chewin’

About Cocker Spaniels – Cockers are loyal and loving companions. Their beautiful coats, long ears and droopy eyes add to their popularity. They are descendants of springer-type dogs, and were used in flushing game for hunters.  In deed, they are the smallest of gun dogs. There are actually two distinct breeds  – English and American cocker spaniels, the latter bred more for show than for hunting. Tail docking was practiced on this breed to prevent the tail from getting stuck in bushes during hunting. This is a cruel and outdated with high health and behaviour risks for the dog.

Read more:

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mandakini says:

    Poochhuuuu…she is such a good girl 🙂 Hasn’t stopped licking but surely has calmed down a great deal. Great Job Namratha!!


    1. namratharao says:

      Thank you 🙂
      Completely agree, she’s awesome!!


  2. Shubha says:

    Great job Nammu!👍 Awesome tips. I will surely try this with Cookie😃


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