Desi Adoptions – Mumbai

Indie, Desi, Mongrel, Pariah or just your average Stray – they are dogs too, and make wonderful companions. They are loyal, friendly and have great genes! Moreover, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours ūüôā Do consider bringing an Indie mixed breed home.

(FYI РThe Pariah is a misnomer for the average stray dog. The Pariah Dog is a recognized breed.)

The first few weeks of the puppy are very crucial to its overall development. Sadly, Indie puppies usually have a tough time due to food scarcity, a weak or dead mother, unkind humans and moving from one foster home to another. As a result, some Indie pups  can develop certain behaviour issues such as food aggression, fears, separation anxiety and depression. You should know that none of these are permanent issues, and are easily fixable. An easy way to around major behavioural issues is to spend time with the puppy in its foster home before deciding to bring him/her home, so that both of you are comfortable and confident around each other.

(NOTE – There is no guarantee that the expensive pup from a breeder is devoid of health and behavioural problems!!)

 So, when you adopt off the streets, understand and respect where your dog has come from.  Be patient, be consistent, ask for help when needed, and remember to be positive always. 

Do also read Adopting vs Buying to know more on the debate.

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Send me a brief description and a picture at to list here.

More dogs for adoption available at YODA and WSD



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