Pixie and Puppy Socialisation

If you’re a puppy parent, your vet has probably instructed you to not take your pup out of the house until all their vaccinations are complete.  Yes, this is important for the healthy development of your pup. Pixie, an adorable little rescue pup, is under the same restrictions.

To ensure that we don’t miss out on Pixie’s early and healthy socialisation we got creative in ensuring she has a range of positive experiences!  As we waited for her vaccinations to get complete, we made sure to engage all 5 of Pixie’s senses, sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, in the following ways:

336a38f1-b520-49ae-a103-9cb1884fcd6f1. Basic obedience training: If it’s just vaccinations we’re waiting on (i.e no other medical conditions), then you can most definitely train your dog! It’s always better to start as early as possible. In addition to learning commands and reducing mouthing, obedience training also helped to tire Pixie out!

2. Throw a party: Pixie needs to meet people of all ages, sizes and shapes in the first few months. Since we couldn’t take her out, we asked friends and family to come home! In addition to seeing new people, Pixie could smell new smells, experience different types of handling and learn to trust and like people.

3. Take your dog to work/friends’ houses: Pixie frequently goes to her parents’ office, her grandma’s house and others friends’ houses.

4. Go on a drive: Pixie enjoys car and rickshaw rides!

5. Get on YouTube: Youtube has some amazing sounds on thunderstorms, traffic, barking dogs and doorbells. We did a whole obedience session with these sounds playing in the background. This way, Pixie learns to ignore these everyday sounds AND to respond to us with distractions!

IMG_20170319_1554536. Allow your pup to explore different surfaces: Check out Pixie’s first time on grass, on a safe, enclosed, clean terrace, here!!

7. Play in the balcony: Pixie saw, smelled and heard a great deal of people, vehicles and other animals while chilling (and training) on the balcony.

8. Carry your dog places: Pixie often goes on walks in her pet parent’s arms. Even though she has never met another dog, she has seen neighbourhood pooches Socks, Mamma and Ginger among others!

What creative measures have you taken to socialize your pup during their vaccination period? Tell us in the comments below!


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