Bringing home an ‘Entertainment’ – What to Expect

Two month old Ginger, the Golden Retriever puppy, has too big a collar :P
Golden Retriever puppy, Ginger!

The true star of Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment is an adorable, cute, golden ball of fur…the Golden Retriever!! One of my all-time favourite breeds! For all those inspired by the movie, you now know that Goldies make great family pets, are super friendly, and very smart. But don’t go rushing to bring one home!

Golden Retrievers are large, hairy animals weighing at least 25-30 kgs. They also need plenty of exercise. Common issues with the breed include bone and joint problems, a host of genetic diseases and temperament problems due to poor breeding. As with any dog, Goldies are a huge responsibility, and you need to be able to spend a lot of time, care and finances on them.

If I haven’t deterred you yet, great! Do read on to know more about the breed.

Breed Info – Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve ducks and other game for hunters (hence the name!). They need a lot of exercise every day, and will love a game of fetch. They also love water and are natural swimmers. Don’t be surprised if

Goldie Alert! Adult and pup, meet for the first time at the beach.
Goldie Alert! Adult and pup, meet for the first time at the beach.

they constantly play with the water in their bowls. Adequate physical and mental exercise is absolutely essential for this breed! These dogs are completely family-oriented and will not be happy if they are left alone for hours on end. They need a lot of your time. This breed also requires moderate amounts of grooming.

If you’ve read this, done a lot more research, and are willing to commit to fifteen years of togetherness, go for it! There are also many ways of bringing home a Golden Retriever. Check out Adopting vs Buying to ensure you bring a healthy Goldie home!

Some other helpful resources:

UK Breed Information Centre

Golden Retriever Forum

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