Raising a happy dog

Most breed types were usually bred for a specific purpose. Digging deeper into your dog breed’s history will give you an excellent idea of the kind of the mental and physical stimulation you need to  be able to give your dog for them to be happy and healthy (and kept out of mischief!).

Retrievers were bred to retrieve game. They will be natural at ‘fetch’! Lhasa Apsos were originally bred by Buddhist monks to guard Tibetan palace walls. These dogs may be wary of strangers, and you need to make that extra effort to socialize them correctly. Dalmatians used to run alongside horse-driven carriages for protection of valuables (which was tied around their neck by rich lords of England) and to make way for the carriages. Dalmatians have a lot of energy and love to run. Only bring one home only if you’re prepared to exercise them adequately!

Mixed breed dogs are harder to gauge. You don’t know how much of what breed has gone into making the dog. As is the rule for all dogs, make sure to meet the pup’s parents, and/or spend time with the dog before bringing it home.

A successful pet parent will know and work with the dog’s instincts to ensure raising a happy dog.

Dogs have unique personalities and traits

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